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African Infusions Moringa Tea

Chai Bora African Infusions Moringa Tea is most notably known for its detoxifying properties. Moringa leaves are loaded with micronutrients and its benefits range from easing digestion, boosting-immunity, and skin radiance. It is the perfect addition to your morning for a healthy kick-start to your day.

Chai Bora’s African Infusions Teas are a range of mindfully sourced infusion teas, packed in Tanzania. The herbs and flowers are grown in rich & fertile soil, without pesticides and chemical fertilisers, and with strict farming standards. Infusion Teas have many health benefits and are a great way to incorporate flowers, herbs, and spices into your daily diet for a healthier and more flavourful lifestyle.

Our infusion teas are available in 25 enveloped tea bags to ensure quality and freshness.