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Health is happiness ,happiness is organic.

Pure Hibiscus Tea

Our Pure Hibiscus tea is made from 100% organic hibiscus flowers with no additives, flavoring or preservatives. Rich in vitamin C and Caffeine, Pure Hibiscus is a refreshing and healthy alternative to tea and coffee.

Lemon Symphony Tea

Lemon symphony contains 100%organic lemon verbena and lemon grass with no flavorings or additives. The combination of the delicate fragrance of lemon grass and lemon verbena creates a soothing feel and aids in digestion.

Camomile Tea

Camomile contains 100% pure camomile flowers with no additives and preservatives. Camomile is renowned for its relaxing properties and is particularly popular as a soothing bedtime drink.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint contains 100% organic peppermint with no additives. It is renowned for its refreshing taste and digestive properties. The fresh scent released from essential oils within the tea creates a wonderfully cooling aromatic sensation.

Green Tea

Green Tea is made of pure organic green tea leaves carefully picked fresh from the farms. Green tea is renowned for its medicinal values and is known to reduce incidences of cancer, arthritis, cardiovascular disease and managing of cholesterol levels since it contains high concentration of antioxidants.

Highlands Tea

Tanzania Highlands Tea is a blend of organic black CTC tea from the southern Tanzania Highlands. It is popular for its strong flavours and luxurious taste. It is available in 25 tea bags, string, tagged and enveloped